Web Designing and Development

Website development refers to the tasks of developing websites for hosting through intranet or internet whereas website designing includes planning, creation and up gradation of websites along with information architecture, website structure, user interface, website layout, colours, contrasts, fonts as well as icon designs. Every company wants its website to be visually appealing with rich content and cost-effective. A well-built website helps generate better customer traffic while a good user interface helps increase conversion that boosts any business at a speeding rate. As a result, it is quite indispensible to have a well designed website to improve its navigation, search engine optimization and attract more customers.

Innovative Solutions considers the importance of developing a well designed website that becomes a company's image and identity and forms a network for communication. We understand our clients' goals and objectives and deliver websites that fulfil the qualifications of being credible and ensures better return of investment.

Web development service includes

  • Design
  • Content Development
  • Client-side scripting
  • Server-side scripting
  • Network Security Configuration

Web designing service includes

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • CGI Programming
  • PHP
  • XML
  • Information Architecture
  • SEO
  • Server Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Design
  • Content